Friday, August 3, 2012

Back in business

We're trying really hard to get back on track. While we're sure it's OK and maybe even necessary to allow ourselves time to remember and grieve for our dad, we like the phrase Marion used during his funeral service. She said we should turn our face to the light. I like that image. So today, we'd like to share a photo we took last Saturday when we took a break from the hospital to take a little walk.

Our hometown is one of those lovely places with tree-lined streets where people are still good and kind and funeral cort├Ęges proceed through intersections without regard to the colour of the traffic lights. Cars pull to the side of the street and wait just that few seconds while the hearse passes on its way to the cemetery and even pedestrians stop and dip their heads respectfully.

On Saturday, our hometown is also the place where we saw this:

Now Cassie will be wanting her learner's permit, no doubt!

Life goes on.
(Dad always said some dogs would make better drivers than their masters!)


  1. Oh, I am so sorry to read about your dad's passing, my sincere condolences.
    Good of you to be able to see humour around you, just put your foot down with Cassie!

  2. I saw a t-shirt once that read "Real Dogs can see over the steering wheel". I can't imagine why I didn't buy it at the time, and I never saw one again.
    Dolly always wants to drive, and doesn't get why I insist that she sits in the back seat.

  3. Love the photo! Taking time to grieve is so important and very necessary and I hope you continue to do so. I like to think that things we see during our grieving process that remind us of our loved one are our loved one's way of letting us know that they are doing just fine on their final journey. Take good care.

  4. That dog matches the upholstery; do you think that was intentional?


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