Monday, August 27, 2012

Good mail

We got a lovely package in the mail from Michelle at From Head to Fabric.  She has this totally weird idea about her birthday. She doesn't expect gifts. No. She gives them out to other people. So, she had a giveaway to celebrate her birthday and we won!! Imagine that. In the midst of all the bad stuff that's been going on around here, we won. It's the world's way of sayin' life goes on, we guess.

Michelle sent us the fat quarter of fabric she had shown on her blog but, apparently that wasn't enough. No. She sent us a quiltlet she'd made. Isn't it beautiful? It's bright and cheery and it's so spontaneous in the way she put it together. It's exactly the kind of assemblage we were going for when we were working on our knitting quilt (which is still lying in pieces around here somewhere). As well, she sent a pretty card. At first, we thought it was a photo of an antique quilt but in fact, it's a painting of a quilt, in watercolour, graphite and coloured pencil, and it is exquisite!! We wish Michelle many, many more birthdays!

We'll leave you today with a photo we took last night just as the setting sun hit our phlox.



  1. Michelle is as sweet as she is talented. A good mail day indeed! Enjoy your very thoughtful gift.

  2. This gives me a happy! You're welcome, my Friend.


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