Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pink and pretty ... sweet, too!

The other day when we were doing a bit of a walk-about in our hometown, we visited the farmers' market. Nowadays, it's a very happenin' spot. In addition to the local farmers with their fresh produce, there are local artisans ... craftspeople, jewelry makers, etc. One of the stands that caught our eye was The Community Living Association. We don't know if this is just a regional association or if they're everywhere. Here, they help people living with intellectual disabilities. They had some lovely pottery pieces for sale and we got to talk with some of the people who had made them. This one caught our eye:

So bright and cheerful with the snowmen stamped onto its surface. It's a smallish size ... maybe 5 inches x 7 inches ... and glazed with a mottled pink. One of its charms is that it's not perfect. Nothing's perfect, after all, but someone cared enough to make it with her own hands and we love it!

Just right to hold these cookies, don't you think? No time (or need) for icing this time around. We rolled our favourite Brown Sugar Oatmeal Shortbread cookies extra thin and sandwiched them together with date filling.  Mmmmmmmm......!

~ Time for tea!!


  1. What a great find! I love that little plate! And again....the cookies look delish!!

  2. Oh, you're killing me! I'm so hungry right now...and now, I want some homemade cookies too! Think I'll settle for a pizza with all the fixings...

  3. Absolutely perfect! Would love the recipe. That tray is priceless.

  4. Sweet plate and sweet cookies! I know that there is a Community Living Association in North Bay where some of my family live. They hold a craft fair every year selling all of their handicrafts.

    Your Brown Sugar Oatmeal cookies sound wonderful. Ever give any thought to sharing the recipe????

  5. Funny and cute little pottery piece - I can see using it as a paperweight when sewing outside -- actually as a fabric weight! Oh and those cookies -- I have a great oatmeal cookie that I use just to put dates in between, thanks for the reminder! next under 80F day, I think I will do a batch of my own.


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