Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunglasses needed!

We've had a lot of knitting time lately. Straight ahead knitting. Round and round on socks, knitting. Not fancy stuff you have to be focused for. No, plain old socks. We know someone ... a man ... who likes brightly coloured socks. We think these might just fit the bill. They are certainly bright!

We had 2 balls of this dye lot. It's Patons Kroy Socks Jacquards, Colour 55612. And yes, that's a real, acid, lime green. We got the yarn on sale and we always thought we'd use it for one of those fake Fair Isle projects where you work it with plain black for a very cool effect. However, plain socks made from this are far from plain and that fit the mindless knitting bill nicely for us.

The sock at the top was knit straight from the ball. You can see how much is left over. For the second sock, we thought it would be cool to see how closely we could make it match the first. We peeled off enough yarn from the second ball until we reached the point in the colour repeat where we had started the first sock. That's the little ball of yarn between the 2 socks. And then, you can see how much yarn we had left when we finished the 2nd sock. That's the flimsy little snippet in the lower right. We hadn't finished off the first sock yet because we were sure we wouldn't have enough yarn. Our contingency plan was to rip the first toe back to the same spot and do both toes with some leftover blue sock yarn from our stash. This way's much better though. Makes us look like we might even know what we're doin'.

Plain Ol' Sock on 64 stitches/3mm Brittany birch double-point needles and a tubular cast-on, reducing right after the ribbing to 60 for the leg/foot of the sock. Round toe with 10 decrease points. Now we just have to cut the yarn, draw up the toe stitches and work in the tails.


  1. Congratulations at getting them to match! I usually mess it up when I get to the heel and can never get it back.

  2. I wish I could *mindless knit* like you do. These are really cute.


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