Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A winter's tale

Most mornings find Cassie here . . . holdin' down the fort. 
Somebody's gotta do it.

Wait a minute.......What's that noise?

Over there!

At the deck door!

See it now?
That's one of those pushy Mourning Doves KNOCKING on the door!
Tap, tap, tap!

Oh, well.



  1. Lol!! Cassie!! Your cousins Polly and Maddie would have been through the glass after that birdie!

  2. Typical....I have a cat just like that....the effort to move out of the sunshine is just too much bother....unless it's food of course:)

  3. I don't blame her one bit! Dreaming away in a sea of sunshine... I'd join her if I lived closer. I haven't seen real sunshine in a week or more. You go, Cassie!

  4. My oldest cat is so lazy...this sounds like something he'd do, too. In fact, it took until he was 8 years old before he caught something and ate it. I was so shocked I congratulated him for growing back his [previously removed] testicles, lol. And then a few years later when I found the tail of a mouse - and just the tail - in my bed, I wasn't so proud of him. Nowadays he spends his days sleeping on a heat register and avoiding the children. He deserves the rest - he's almost 15.

  5. Smart cat! Cassie knew there was no way of possibly having that morning dove for breakfast so why expend the energy :) Very cute photos.


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