Saturday, January 19, 2013

Out of intensive care

There! Not perfect, but better. By picking up the stitches at the top of the pattern and working the ribbing up to the top, we now have matching single rib socks. Not completely identical, but Good Enough.

We began these socks on June 15, 2013, and they languished for quite a long time while we were busy elsewhere. This is a very good lesson for us. Although we do keep notes when we knit, we need to be very precise and, more importantly, we need to refer to our notes!!


  1. Beautiful work. One would never now and incision was made and I doubt any scar tissue will ever develop :)

    I love the colour of the socks. Congratulations on the final completion of them.

  2. Ahhh... I liked them the other way. They were much more unique. I always keep the first sock in my knitting bag until I finish the second, in hopes that they will nearly match when I am done,

  3. yoou're a brave woman. Great results though.

  4. I was scared to read the post...if I had done what you did, the picture today would have shown me ravelling the rest of the sock and winding up the wool to start over!


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