Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Here's the question du jour? Sweaters for newborn boys . . . What's appropriate? We get the 'blue' thing. Blue for boys, pink for girls. Yellow or green if you're knitting ahead of time and don't yet know. OK. But newborns of either gender are just so darn cute. Sweet, even. Are flower motifs OK, then? Pastel blue roses for a newborn boy's sweater? Please. We really need to know. Is this suitable?

It's blue and it's tiny. We changed the sleeves so they're not so girlie. This sweater's a variation on our Duetta design, but please note, this is our own variation and the pattern available in the side bar does NOT include either the newborn size OR the sleeve variation we've done here.Nor does it include the pattern for the little toque.


  1. Grandma CoCo, it's soooo sweet (c'mon grandkids!!) As the mother of two boys, yes your rosebuds and flowers are more than acceptable, they are totally perfect. My Mom and Mom-in-law knitted me sweet things which I still have and will pass along, and I know this set will be loved, used, and saved for the next generation. It's perfect.

  2. If I had a grandson, I would put that sweater on him without a moment hesitation.

  3. The fabric collar is totally acceptable IMHO. At first, I was thinking that you were adding some rosebuds...like bullion roses perhaps...and that got an initial NO from my brain. But, this little sweater is very sweet for a baby...and not an obviously girly style so fits really well. Love the hat!

  4. It doesn't seem to matter what you dress a baby boy in, people still try to guess the sex and guess wrong. I had my baby boy in jeans, a blue grey sweatshirt and a ball cap and still had people look in the buggy and say "Isn't SHE beautiful." As long as his parents like the sweater, I don't see any problem.
    Now I need to make a little hat to match my Duetta!

  5. It is a beautiful sweater. I would definitely let my kids wear it.

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