Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Little known fact

The most popular cake on the menu in Heaven is Devil's Food. 

Bonus little known fact:  According to Wikipedia, 
the original Devil's Food cake recipe included beets, 
just the way carrot cake is made with carrots. How cool is that?

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is 'Wings'. 
Wings made us think of angels and angels suggested Angel Food Cake. 
After that it was a short (twisted) hop to Devil's Food.


  1. if that's the case, then I do suspect that my dad is dining on Devil's food cake every meal. Thanks for the wonderful image.

  2. Oh paraphrase Sheri Fitch from "Sleeping Dragons All Around", that cake looks "de-dragon, de-lightful,de-licious. We dance in the kitchen (we don't do the dishes.)" Neat to think of angels eating devil's food cake :)

  3. Well!.... I never knew they used beets in Devil's Food wonder I like it. I love beets in any form. Love your drawing:)


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