Monday, June 24, 2013

Anyone for a little orange sherbet?

As we've probably said once or twice before, we have a soft spot for the Gananoque Humane Society. We've started setting aside a few things to drop off to them. They have sales from time to time in an attempt to raise funds, and we're thinking maybe a bracelet here or a knitted lace shawl there might fetch a few dollars. As a no-kill shelter (filled mostly with cats), they do really good work. As we all know, there are LOTS of homeless cats. A sad fact.

Since most of you live a long way from the Kingdom, you probably won't be able to attend one of these sales. We had the brainwave that maybe we ought to give you first dibs on these items. Just in case.

First up, is a little macramé bracelet. Orange Sherbet. This one just glows with the copper coloured cord and the peach and orange beads. Tiny blue beads add interest. It is exactly 8-1/2 inches long and will fit up to an 8 inch circumference wrist.  Only $22 (including shipping)! Twenty dollars will go to the Gananoque Humane Society. Payment by Paypal. The bracelet will be mailed by Canada Post. Please drop us a note at covillewood (at) gmail (dot) com, if you're interested. First come, first served.

Holey Smokes! Edited to say SOLD!!  Thanks, everyone. We'll be listing more stuff in the days to come. Please check back.


  1. This is lovely! No surprise at all that it sold at the auction.

  2. Of course it sold. Cheryl's bracelets are amazing.

  3. Lucky buyer. Those blue beads give such a nice pop of colour. Kudos to you for your good work.

  4. OMG I want a secret email the next time you have a beaded micro bracelet for sale, Cheryl. I manage to make a lot of my jewellery, but I draw the line at this challenging (to me) technique. And your price is way too low, girl! You can count on me to help the kitties by wearing your bling.


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