Monday, June 10, 2013

Polymer clay play

There are about a million ways to go with polymer clay. 
That's one of the great things about it, and also, 
one of the things that makes it hard to just get started. 

There are SO many options. 
We're pretty stuck on how easy it is to cover metal jar lids. 

We needed a pretty jar to store our tea bags in. 

We love the texture, and the totally spontaneous way the colours show up.


  1. I so agree with your assessment, Cheryl... PC is challenging in that it is so darn hard to settle on just ONE project! I think your jar covers look smashing (no pun!) I love to create with PC but unfortunately spend at least 10x as much time viewing projects online...

  2. Great project idea. Love how it turned out.

  3. Great idea :). My small carving tools arrived so I have to get back down to the studio to play with my Premo and Super Sculpey :).
    Stay inspired!

  4. You need to do a tutorial on how to cover these lids!

  5. I never thought of jar lids! I have some of bulkier herbs in the jars that you get pesto in and they would be so much prettier with polymer clay on them -- I was going to head to the craft store this week, so a block or two should be on the list for experimenting...Thanks for the idea!


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