Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Still in an orange sherbet frame of mind

First of all, many thanks for the great response to our very first attempt to raise money for the Gananoque Humane Society. Thanks to Elaine for (so quickly!) buying our bracelet, and thanks to others, like Maria, for sharing our photo on Facebook and helping to spread the news. We very much appreciate you all.

We seem to be drawn to this particular shade of orange just now.....which is kinda weird since it's not a colour we would ever wear. Yesterday, it was beads. A couple of weeks ago it was some lovely salmon-coloured laceweight yarn that we just couldn't resist. Today, it's socks! We had a ball of Austermann Step yarn in our stash. It's been there a long time. Self-striping. When we first came up with the Tipsy Stripey Sock design, we knew this is what that yarn has been waiting for. It's a lovely yarn....SOFT! and infused with aloe. And we love the slightly drunken staggering stripes!! Don't you? They blow the 'boring' right out of self-striping yarn. :)


  1. I love this colour too, it is really refreshing. Funny though I don't own a thing in *orange sherbet*.
    Those socks are lovely.

  2. Since when has self striping yarn ever been boring? If it weren't for self striping yarn, I would never have knit a pair of socks.

  3. What a pretty stitch, and the colour is so feminine. My, Grandma...what tiny feet you have :)


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