Saturday, June 8, 2013

Domesticity in the Kingdom

Mr. Coco and I like to cook together. We have mastered bread. This is 100% whole wheat bread. Nothing but real, honest-to-goodness whole wheat flour. Not the squishy, soft bread you buy in the store that SAYS it's 100% whole wheat but really isn't.

The secret to a light loaf, even with all whole wheat flour is in the kneading, and that's why bread machines work so well. We scoff at bread machines. Actually, we wore out several of them. Now, we start our bread in an ancient Mixmaster that my dad bought for my mother for Christmas many years ago. It was a gift that wasn't very well received, since his goal was to 'help' his wife cook like his mother. (All the women out there are shaking their heads, I know.)

We have our hearts set on a brand new mixer with dough hooks, in candy apple red, or maybe shiny jet black, but this particular one (avocado green, of course) continues to chug along, and we find it really hard to toss out a machine that works simply for the crime of being an out-of-fashion colour. I figure this is a pretty good omen, since a man who can't toss out a mixmaster for a younger, more energetic and prettier model, is probably in it for the long haul with his mate, too. :)


  1. The bread looks delicious. I make a few loaves every week but I've yet to try making whole wheat. Loved your last paragraph :)

  2. Tee hee! I love making bread too, and our wore out our 2nd or 3rd bread machine basket this winter. I'm debating if I should replace it, or just start using our mixer (with a bread hook). You're husband sounds like a good one!


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