Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I am not a production knitter

I'm currently trying very hard to fill an order.....an actual commission .... for 5 pairs of mittens. Five pairs of identical mittens. And I've already done 1 pair (that got me the commission). So that is SIX pairs of all-the-same mittens. It's for a very good cause, and part of me really, really, REALLY! wants to do it. Unfortunately, the creative part of me is digging in her heels. There is no alternative but to bring in reinforcements. If only.


  1. I think Cassie should pitch in, since I am sure the cause is dear to her heart, too.

  2. You can do this...all by yourself. Sometimes, when we have to create for others the word *work* can play mind games with us and what we normally do for our own pleasure becomes a task. Just think how wonderful it is that someone loved what you created so much that they commissioned you to make it for them. Enjoy this project!

  3. Yeesh, one of the reasons I hesitate "putting myself out there", Cheryl. I'm not great at repeating designs ad nauseum :(


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