Monday, January 19, 2015

Polly mittens

If you've been following along, you've noticed a bit of a trend. I'm having a whole lot of fun putting pets on mittens. I was chugging along quite nicely until it came to my friend Karen's cat, Polly.

She's a bit of a character, is Polly. Mostly black from the photos I've seen. My pet portraits seem to work best when the pet has fairly distinct markings like patches of colour, or lines. Polly is a black blur (mostly because she's always in motion), with lovely amber eyes. I made 2 distinct attempts. I ripped them both out (thank goodness wool is very forgiving), and put the mittens in a time out. Meanwhile, Karen released her newest quilt pattern, Under the Big Top. She sent me this photo of the impish Polly peeking out from behind the quilt.

Yes! Polly's most distinguishing feature is her eyes!! And the quilt is so colourful. And such a nice contrast to her Pollyship. I had it! And the Polly mittens just fell into place.

Be sure to check out Karen's Under the Big Top Nursery Set. It's a quilt with a canopy that goes over the crib. It's ingenious.


  1. Polly and I are floored with these mittens, you nailed her! You even circled the pupil of her eye with a band of green, as in real life. Cheryl, these are fabulous and I love them. Thanks so much!!

  2. Polly, Karen's Quilt and your mittens are all so very adorable!


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