Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mittens in progress

I'm not sure how exciting mittens in progress can be, but here's what I'm working on.

I decided I had the perfect colour of yarn for these mittens in my stash, and when I weighed it, I was certain I had enough. Of course, 'enough' is not the same as 'more than enough', so as I got closer to finishing the thumb on the 2nd mitten, it was kinda touch and go. I had a couple of Plan B's in mind.....including raveling the thumbs on a different pair of mittens from last year.....but fortunately, that wasn't necessary. I had all this left:

At least several yards of wool left over. Lots.

The funny thing is that as stupid as I know it sounds, I found myself knitting faster and faster toward the end, as if I could finish before I ran out. I know this is not a personal quirk, nor is it a new knitting phenomenon, because my friend Kate reports doing it, too.

Anybody guess what the theme is for these mittens?


  1. Fast knitting to make sure you have enough yarn always works for me. On the last project, I had 2 gm left. (slightly more than you.)

  2. I am the same. I figure that if I stay up late and finish, I'll have enough yarn, but if I leave that last bit for the morning, I will run out for sure.

  3. Love the little picots on your heart ♥

  4. That was cutting it close! The mittens are wonderful as always. Don't forget to publish photos of your finished work.


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