Saturday, January 3, 2015

My muse is back

My muse is a fickle spirit who runs off at the first sign of trouble. Any sadness, any loss, and she heads for the hills. A fair weather friend, at best. When she's gone, the days are very long indeed. Endless days of scarf-knitting. Don't get me wrong. Any kind of knitting is good knitting, but the best knitting happens when she's with us.

Today is a grey day in the Kingdom, but there is much under way. Here's what it looks like (since my friend Kate says people like to see what's happening, and not just what's finished):

And here's proof how little respect I get:


  1. Well, she wasn't licking her butt, was she? Cassie's magnificent presence is all that is required. Glad your mojo is back. May she never waver once this year!

  2. Cassie is checking out her mitten portrait, making sure it does her justice. From here I'd say it does!

  3. Cassie mitts! How wonderful. And does it really say My BFF. I do love seeing your work in progress, even if it makes me feel like a slacker!


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