Thursday, March 26, 2015

Exciting news about the pincushion contest!

You haven't forgotten, right? The deadline for the Pincushion Design Contest (for the rest of us) 2015 is fast approaching. April 1st. Winners will be announced the following day, because we don't drag our feet here in the Kingdom. As I promised, there will be prizes.

As well as my puny (and yet-to-be-named) prizes, Heather from the blog Books and Quilts (and a friend of this blog) is sponsoring her own prize, and it's a great prize. She will choose the pincushion that pleases her the most, and award its maker a book from Book Depository. The only restrictions are that the book be no more than $20.  (Can.) in value, and the winner must live in a country where Book Depository offers free delivery. That's practically everywhere!! Heather runs a weekly post called Needlework Tuesday where readers can share what they're up to. Check it out!

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