Thursday, March 26, 2015

The competition heats up

Felted Flower Pincushion by Gaye 

And today, we have another entry in the Pincushion Design Contest (for the rest of us) 2015. It's a beautiful, and very creative flower made by Gaye of g.a.s. art. Gaye says she comes from a very small town in Saskatchewan "where winters are long and days are short". She says she has lots of time to make ideas come to life.

Gaye's flower pincushion is made from felted vintage wool, with hand blanket stitching on the edges of the petals and leaves, and mounted on a rusty bed spring. How creative! I'd say she fits right in here in the Kingdom, wouldn't you?

She has some very cool owls on her blog. You might just want to have a look.

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  1. That is so lovely! I either need to up my game, or concede defeat.


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