Friday, March 27, 2015

Reporting back

I promised to report on my squared circle trial. I had hoped it would be with an amazing "Ta-DA!, I DID it!"  Unfortunately, I'm still struggling. :(  All in a day's work.

First, I'll distract you with a photo of my lovely assistant demonstrating the square 
while it was still on my needles. Look carefully, and you'll see my feet. 
Yup. She's on my lap.

Next, a photo of the square off the needles. 
I'm nervous about that point that's forming on each side.

But, here it is blocking. It didn't need much muscle to form the square, 
and there were lots of stitches at the perimeter. No pulling this time.
It's still looks promising.

Here's the stitch-maps chart of what I tried. 
I was a little worried by the way it tends to form a point 
in the middle of this string of stitches (which represents one side of the square), 
but I hoped it would just all work out. 
If you remember, I determined I needed to increase 3 stitches every other round. 
That means 6 stitches every 4 rounds.
Click on the Stitch-maps link to see the instructions written out, if you like. 

Or don't. It didn't work out the way I'd hoped. 
Once blocked, the square still doesn't want to be a square. 
I need a good, solid square to embroider on. 
I'm still working on finding one.

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