Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blankets for babies

Moving right along on the baby blanket. Now that I have the 8-inch squares knit-in-the-round figured out, I want to be sure the embroidery part is going to work. Here's the first one underway. You can sort of see the used dryer sheet I'm using as a stabilizer and also, to transfer the embroidery lines. The clamps were Kate's idea, to hold everything nice and snug while I embroider. It's good to have geniuses for friends. :)


  1. lovely and delicate, do you have to pick out the dryer sheet afterwards? Once, when we did the wall hangings, ( Jeanette's, in an earlier post) we used Sulky wash away stabilizer, so easy. How many squares? and will they all be embroidered?

  2. This blanket will be a real treasure!


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