Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cassie says we need a cat

You can't see it in the photo, but the copper variegated wool has a strand of glitter that is really cool. The wool is intended for socks. It's a superwash wool with a little nylon. Loops & Threads Pizzazz. I don't think I'd like socks made from it, because it's a little scratchy, but it's very nice for embroidery.

This is the 6th square for the baby blanket. Only 6 left to go. And I have 6 more sketches made. That means each of the 12 squares will have a different design. Since I'm learning as I go, and the piece is evolving because of that, this square uses a new (for me) stitch.... a chain stitch. It distorts the knitted ground less than the satin stitch. A nice addition to my repertoire.


  1. 50% done, and each so different, this will be a treasure.

  2. Gaston agrees it is a perfect addition.

  3. Cassie was right. I cannot wait to see the finished blanket. tt will not only be a treasure but become a treasured heirloom too,


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