Thursday, April 2, 2015

Winners! We have winners! and buttons!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to play in the Pincushion Design Contest (for the rest of us) 2015! We had some lovely entries which you can see on the page dedicated to them. Nice to see a couple of new faces here in the Kingdom. I hope you'll become regulars.

Don't forget to check over on Books and Quilts to see who Heather chose as her winner of the book from Book Depository. I really appreciate her generous offer of such a great prize, but I don't envy Heather the job of picking just one winner.

I, myself, have decided to take the easier route. I'm declaring EVERY ONE of you a winner! And for prizes, I'm sending out handmade buttons. I figure anyone who needs a pincushion will probably need a button or 2 at some time or another. If you submitted an entry, and I don't already have your address, please email me at covillewood [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll send your prize buttons right out in the mail.

Now, if you're sorry you didn't get around to making a pincushion, you can still get yourself some buttons. I've opened a little shop called Funny Business Buttons, and all the money (except for the little bit that Mr. Paypal takes for handling the transfer) goes straight to The Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project to pay for food and vet care for the cats.

Of course, I immediately slapped one of those turquoise cat buttons on my little baby sweater. What do you think? Fetching, n'est-ce pas? :)

There are still a few of these turquoise kitties left in the shop, 
as well as a few brown ones
... and bunnies and bees and bears and mice. Oh, my!


  1. This button is just puurfect, Cheryl! Congrats on opening your shop and I'm sure your buttons will be very popular... I think my fave is the cute bee :)

  2. Sweeeeeeeet! There was no way I was passing up those bee buttons!!


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