Tuesday, May 24, 2011

... and found?

So we took a shovel to the old sewing room/studio in what turned out to be a veritable archeological dig. The whole process actually ended up taking way less time than we had feared (it always does!) and it was oddly satisfying. Sort of like taking a calming breath.

BONUS!!! Look what we found!

This is a tiny practice piece that we did several years ago. It's only about 6 inches x 9 inches. We also found some strip-pieced remnants from an old slipper design that was part of our pattern offerings back in the '90's...a contemporary of the Cosy Quilted Cap and Mittens patterns.

The colours go well together we think and the idea of finding hope at the bottom of a quilted nightmare is just too good to pass up. This will become part of the Frankenquilt....the knitting-themed quilt.....Knitter-Knatter.

Here's how we're going about it:

In the photo above, you can see we laid the Hope motif so it overlaps the strip-pieced fabric slightly. We then cut through both layers. This makes the 2 motifs nestle into each other.

To join the 2 motifs, we cut ON THE BIAS a 1 inch strip of this bright pink fabric (which we bought when we were in Maui 4 years ago) and a 1-3/4 inch wide strip of fabric (for the back).  Fold the wider strip in half and pin the cut edges to the raw edge of the back of the Hope motif. Line up one edge of the 1 inch strip with the raw edge of the right side of Hope (right sides together) and stitch through all the layers. Next, stitch the remaining edge of the pink 1 inch wide strip to the corresponding raw edge of the slipper strip-pieced fabric (right sides together).

Then, we opened everything up. You can see the narrow pink bias strip stitched to both pre-quilted pieces.

And, on the back side, we just handstitched the folded edge to cover the machine stitching. Neato!

Definitely a Frankenquilt!

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