Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't tell Mr. Coco

Grandma Coco has a crush on the Purolator man. She thinks we don't see him often enough. And really, who wouldn't love a guy who brings you stuff ... on time and without expecting anything in return. :) Yesterday, he brought us not one, but TWO boxes.

The Kingdom of Coco is a fabulous place to live but we are a tad lacking in good art supply stores. We have to drive an hour to get to the closest one and we were bitterly disappointed the last time we went there. So, you can appreciate how happy we were to discover an excellent online retailer. Curry's Art Supplies has been in business in Toronto since 1911. We've ordered twice from them and have been extremely happy with their service. And you all know how fussy Grandma Coco can be.

Here's what we got.....

It's like Christmas! There is something so wonderful about new art supplies. Stark white pages and sharp, sharp pencils. Curry's had a couple of specials to celebrate their centennial. One of them was sketchbooks with decent weight paper (9" x 12", 100 pages) for $4.95!!!! We just had to get 2 of them.

And a metal box of 2 dozen watercolour pencils and a block of watercolour paper. These pencils are so pretty. We've never used watercolour pencils before. It's kind of daunting.

As well, we've been trying to find some paper that we really liked from several years ago. We know it's an Arches paper because we have a tiny piece of it left with the watermark on it. It's a beautiful paper for drawing on with plain old pencil (which is our preferred medium)....with a smooth, velvety surface that takes the pencil well but still lets us erase. We took a chance and ordered some 140 lb hot press paper and Curry's gave us a sample pack of all the Arches watercolour papers so we can try them out.
Thanks, Mr. Curry's! GC's got a crush on you, too!

We got free shipping AND a 15% discount!

However, the absolute best thing about our order? The paper comes in sheets that are 22" x 33" and we figured they'd come rolled up in a tube. But no! They shipped them flat in a shallow box. Every single item was wrapped in plastic and nestled into its box with bubble wrap. All in all, we give Curry's TWO thumbs up. If you're looking for a good mail order source for art supplies, Curry's might be it!!


  1. that drawing is SO FUNNY!!! : )

    Believe it or not, I LOVE Curry's! I ordered shiva paintsticks for very cheap from them, and i think there wasn't even a delivery fee! I had to shake my head, not sure if it was real. All the way to SK.

    that drawing is SO FUNNY!!! lol

    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  2. I love the drawing! So cute! Dale better watch out...:)

  3. What fun! Kind of the same feeling I get when books arrive. Enjoy yourself! And share the results.


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