Monday, May 23, 2011


The workmen have come and gone. The house is a dusty, chaotic mess.....lovely floors, mind you, but still....a mess. (No pictures today for reasons of deniability.) Slowly we are putting things to rights but somehow we have lost our way. Our mojo is missing. We know we were wildly excited about several creative endeavours but what were they? It's almost as though we've forgotten. Did you ever go away for a few days and wonder when you got home, what exactly it was that you did in your normal life? What it was that ordinarily gave you so much pleasure? It seems strange that that could be so easily forgotten.

Our sewing room is in need of a good tidy-up. As the makeshift catch-all for all the bits and bobs that had to move for the house renovation, everything is in upheaval ... and not in a good, creative swirl either. This is more of a "can't find a thing" kind of disorder. So, it would seem the first order of business would be to just bite the bullet and clean that room up, find all the pieces for our knitting themed quilt, our fuschia/purple scarf, our "Say Cheese!" scrap quilt (Ha! that's new! You haven't seen that one yet, have you?), our beaded February Lady sweater variation (also new!) and hope for the best.

We have a list of "should do's" and a list of "wanna do's". Which do you think we'll tackle first?

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  1. Forget it all. Put up a big blank sheet of paper, and start slowly organizing, sorting, and cleaning/clearing your workspace. As you get bursts of ideas, jot them down on the paper. Keep cleaning with intention. Focus on the moment, and on each spool of thread or swatch of fabric.

    You'll be back...

    : )


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