Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coming together

We have more knitting themed vignettes sketched and ready to appliqué but for today we thought we'd like to start bringing the various parts together. Will it come together as we envision? or will it just look like a textile explosion? Time will tell.

We have one of our wonky stars with the dog centre and the circles that were cut out of Barnyard Roundup. .... the quilt we made recently for our great-niece. They look good together.

This is going to be a double bed sized quilt and there's a lot of real estate involved in that big of a quilt....a lot of bed to cover. As much as we can appreciate art for art's sake, we find it very difficult to make quilted wall hangings. We are way too practical for that. Quilts have that wonderful tactile quality that's totally wasted if you never get to touch them or wear them or cuddle underneath them. So, this will be a quilt for our bed and since Mr. Coco is very forgiving and since most of the time that we're in that room it's dark, we're just going wild. No one to impress. No one to care. We highly recommend the process. It's very liberating.

Our friend Karen of Sew Karen-ly Created turned us on to the idea of using pages from old phone books for stabilizer. We had been using freezer paper (which is heavier and harder to remove) and that freezer paper is expensive. The phone book pages are FREEEEEEE! and such a good idea. Karen uses her phone book pages for string piecing and you can see her tutorial for placemats made with them here. Very pretty!

Next we're adding a couple of those crazy cat panels we got from Sew Sisters. We LOVE these cats. So bright and brash. Just like us!

Next, after removing the stabilizer paper we'll trim away as much of the excess fabric from the back as we can and we think a couple of the circles are just crying out for some hand embroidery.

approx. 17 inches x 24 inches

Be sure to visit Karen's blog tomorrow (Friday) because she's taking part in a blog tour for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour. She has a block in the book and she'll have a copy of the magazine to give away.

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  1. I love your writing Grandma Coco and your very practical approach to life. I especially like your comment that it's usually dark under a quilt. So simple and so profound.
    I thank you for mentioning the give-away on my blog tomorrow and also urge your readers to enter the HUGE giveaway on the Quiltmaker site. I have one small give-away, they have a GINORMOUS basket of goodies. It will be such fun!
    Your quilt looks great, it is coming together nicely.


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