Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What a difference a day (or 2) makes

Grandma Coco wants to apologize for allowing Cheryl to whine and carry on in our last post. Things are brighter today both inside and out. The world is sunny and spring-like and green! once again. We have robins building nests over the lights at both our doors...front and back.

AND the mailman brought us a lovely package today from Monika of My Sweet Prairie. Isn't her business card pretty? Look what we won..... a set of chalk markers and some really special tape from Marathon. Monika was celebrating her blogiversary a week or so ago and gave away some really cool prizes. Thank you, Monika!

As well, the workmen are coming right along with our new floor! It's going to be so pretty but we find we're afraid to step on it. What if we make a mark? That's the one great thing about having extra old carpet....we didn't worry about it at all. :)

Once the floor guys are finished, we have another man who's coming to replace those awful wrought iron railings with wooden spindles. Until then, we have to be careful not to fall over the edge of the landing. Thank goodness none of us sleep walks!


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