Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An embarrassment of riches

This past week has been devoted to preparing for our new project .................

Our new yarn arrived yesterday just as we had hoped. It is beautiful. We've been swatching like mad. Swatching is something that used to seem silly and unnecessary ... something that just stood in the way of  STARTING!! ... but is now actually part of the fun. We've swatched and ripped and swatched some more. We don't care how many stitches we're getting to the inch. We only care that the fabric we end up with feels good and has the right drape.

Decisions! We have the highly-anticipated new yarn and we have the yarn that we referred to in the last post as 'crappy' (even though it's really not crappy at all). We even went back to our stash and pulled out all the other suitable skeins and held an audition. Next!!

We've got manly colours that are dark and won't photograph well. We've got fingering weight that's light-coloured but not as soft as we'd like. We've got variegated yarns in beautiful shades....but will the stitch patterns show up?

We've started to make ourself quite crazy with all the possibilities and all the choices. And that's when we realized we're making this way too complicated. This is a scarf. One scarf. Not the most perfect scarf in all of knitting history. It's for fun. And for giving away. That's all. A simple scarf.

So from the embarrassingly large number of possible skeins, we are going with .... drum roll, please!... The Sock It To Me Dankai from Elann.com in the Haiku Poem (#64) colourway, for the princely sum of $8.80 Canadian. It's a sock yarn and it looks like we're going with size 4.5 mm bamboo needles and getting about 6 stitches to the inch. This yarn is soft and the colour changes are subtle.

Of course, no one should be surprised it we've changed our mind by next week. That's all part of the fun.

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  1. i'll be looking forward to this. I have a cupbooard full of scarves, but always room for one more.


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