Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finally! Illustration Friday: Disguise

Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2011

We are, make that thrilled.... to announce that we "can see again. It's a miracle!" (Betcha don't know that film reference.) Only a few days beyond the 6 week prognosis from the doctor. (Boy, he's a smart guy!) We're able to focus on close-up things like knitting and reading and drawing!! Everything's clear and crisp the way it used to be. Far-away things are still dicey. We have the most trouble tracking moving objects. And that means when we turn our head or try to scan a room, for instance. So, still no driving for us. We are, however, absolutely optimistic that these things will improve in time, too.

So, where were we when we were so rudely interrupted at the end of June? So much to catch up on! We were finally able to try out the new drawing paper that Mr. Curry's Art Supplies sent us. We are happy to say it was totally worth the wait. The pencil point glides over it as if it were velvet and it erases well, too.

Yesterday, the Illustration Friday topic was announced.....Disguise. Well, we think we had already begun to think about disguises days before when our friend wrote that her kitty was discovered on a shelf in the basement, hiding among some packages of toilet paper. You know the brand with the kittens on it? Cats are great hiders. They love living on their own terms and being mysterious. We think they have terrific senses of humour, too. It's just a quiet humour.

This drawing also references the abundance of late August flowers and the image we keep uncovering in our brain of our mother working in her garden. An image which comes unbidden..... but always welcome. It's good to remember her in happier times. We think the cat has to be Homer, one of Cassie's predecessors. An all-white fellow of exceptional temperament and an extraordinary hunter. We miss him, too.

We Talk Back
To Susan Being Snippy.... We'd forgotten about the timing of the show. Yes, we remember running home, too, now that you mention it.

To Elle... Squeezing more time out of a 24-hour day is an art. We see from your blog that you're getting just about as much done as you could without cutting into your sleeptime. The only thing we can suggest is this.....Sometimes, we have noticed that when we spend a lot of time on one project, our productivity slows down. We sincerely believe that when we switch from project to project, we get a lot more accomplished. This scarf will wind up being about 36 rows of knitting each week.... and it's only 8 or 9 inches wide to start with. That means, for all you math geeks, only 6 rows per day (or about one little inch) with a day off each week for good behaviour....or a nap.

To Kate: Thanks for being our muse this week.

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  1. So glad that you can see again! Phew! Bet that's a relief! :) And I love the drawing. It looks like something out of Alice and Wonderland.

  2. Loved the picture.
    I have shopped my stash and I am ready for the knit along. Now, where are those needles...

  3. How absolutely lovely your illustration is :-)

  4. I'm so happy you're back! :) Your art is so beautiful...but more importantly, you are better! YEAH!!!

  5. You've got a great style in your drawing.


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