Thursday, August 11, 2011

Socky progress

Every sock progress photo looks better with Cassie in it, don't you think?

No, not "sucky" progress .... a little progress on the socks. Such a pretty gradation of greens and so soft! We highly recommend the wool ...............

.............. and a totally unoriginal idea.  We saw these great needle organizers for sale somewhere and thought they were such a good idea that we grabbed our wire and our jewelry making tools and tried one out. It works! These are 3.5 mm double points. We had to experiment to find the right sized mandrel because it turns out you can't just wind the wire around the double points. It doesn't end up round. :(  We've been stymied in our jewelry making by our inability to actually be able to see the holes in the beads so this wire wrapping project is a minor victory. When we get our vision back we've got great plans for beaded micro macram√© jewelry. Feel free to google that but be prepared to be amazed.

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