Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perfectly ordinary socks

We are inordinately proud of these socks. They're totally tame, plain-Jane socks. Completely unremarkable socks, really. Their only saving grace is that we managed to knit them. They are socks for our dear Mr. Coco to play tennis in so they are knit to his specifications.

Scheepjes Invicta Extra, colour 1401 (variegated beige/grey). 75% Virgin wool/25% polyamide/nylon. 2 balls. Brittany birch 3 mm needles.  64 stitches, tubular cast-on, 2 inches of  k2, p2 ribbing and then 3 inches Seed Stitch Rib pattern which is simply two alternating rounds.....1) knit and 2) knit 3, purl 1.  He likes the short 5 inch leg for tennis socks. Regular turned heel because the after-thought heel didn't seem to fit him very well). More Seed Stitch Rib pattern until the foot measures 8 inches from the heel and then decrease for the toe. Bob's yer uncle!

Now, who else needs socks?

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