Sunday, August 28, 2011

Up to her armpits

Literally. The Santa Suit is rolling along. Just the sleeves and upper body and the hood to complete. It's an easy knit and we've already found the perfect buttons.

We have some yarn that we thought we'd like to use for the Papa Bear Sampler Scarf but we're not sure we're completely sold on it yet. It's not as soft as we'd have liked. It's nice enough but doesn't really conform to our knitting philosophy which is ... Life is too short to knit with crappy yarn. We're going to embroider that on a pillow some day. We make so few items in a year, it really is OK to make sure we use the good stuff. The knitting is much more pleasant.

We ordered some promising replacement fibre from Elann and kept tracking our shipment. Nothing. It was showing that it was in the postal system as of last Monday and ...nothing. Shoot. This would be the time when our order would get lost. And then, last evening, it hit the radar. In Ottawa. Yesterday at 1:15 pm. Yay!! We're hoping it will be delivered tomorrow. No big rush, really. We have an entire week before we start. (And just to be clear....we've always had terrific service from with fast shipping and, no, the crappy yarn did not come from them.)

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A little teaser from the Nosey Nelly News.......

Monika once asked us what we did with all our drawings. We've never really worried much about that. They're fun to do. They make us happy. However, we may just have found another use for them. Stay tuned. Grandma Coco may soon have something exciting to announce. Doesn't that sound mysterious?

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  1. ! I can't wait to say!! : )

    They are all fabulous you know.
    : )
    sewing in Saskatoon


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