Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some silliness

Illustration Friday's prompt this week is 'Ocean'. Great. 
Just when we've decided we'll make a big effort to take part each week this year. 
Week number 2 and we're stumped . . . again. :( 

In the end, we went with a silly image that came to us pre-dawn.

With apologies to James Cameron.


  1. I love that cat>

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  2. I wish I had such wonderful inspiration pre-dawn or anytime for that matter :)

  3. Now, being well experienced in riding BC Ferries between the mainland and Vancouver Island, I can tell you that is much like what it can feel like on a dark and stormy night (even tho you are inside the ride can get pretty rough at this time of year!)

  4. Cheryl, this is my new favourite among your drawings. I love the defiance in that strong arm holding the umbrella and the look of pure joy - and love - on kitty's face is perfect. What a talent you are!


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