Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

I've always been a fan of recycling. :) 
I drew this one in 2011, but it`s still one of my favourites. 
If you hang around long enough, and look closely enough, 
you`ll see the cat is trying to grab some mouse-y treats from the tray. 
When we celebrate in the Kingdom, we ALL celebrate. 
Holey Smokes! I just realized this might be one of the few drawings 
I didn`t work my signature into.
If I have a resolution for the new year, it is to draw more.
What`s yours?


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  2. Let me try again:
    I resolve to spend more time doing the things I love, and worry less about the things I think I should be doing. ( and watch auto-correct more carefully.)

  3. Wow, Cheryl. So much detail in your drawing - love all the quilty background bits. Did you make all those goodies?!- you had quite a party!
    Resolutions? Nah...nothing formal or profound but will continue to work towards simplyfying and decluttering - both inside and out.

  4. Love the sketch and hoping that you are able to dedicate more time to this wonderful talent of yours this year.


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