Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome to our world

We thought it might be fun  informative to try to show you (through the magic of Photoshop) how we're seeing the world right now. The sight in each eye is perfect. It's the failure of the 6th nerve to stimulate the muscle that should move our left eye, that keeps us from focusing on one image. Seeing 2 images at once is called 'diplopia'. When we got up this morning, without our glasses, this is what we saw. Twice the Cassie!

Now, imagine that moving and changing as you scan the room. Feeling queasy yet?

We must keep busy. We must not dwell on bad stuff. We can knit and so we shall knit!!!

Remember the fuschia lace scarf we started way back in January?? Well, it's done!!

It's about as long as we are tall.

We had the tiniest ball of yarn left. After we blocked it, we were slightly dismayed to find the edge is a little wavy. We decided to work a single crochet edging along both long sides. It is much better now. The only caveat we have for anyone who might be thinking of trying this pattern is that you should cast on VERY loosely or else cast on with a slightly bigger needle. Ditto, cast off loosely. That way, you can block a nice wavy feather and fan edge to both ends. We love the yarn, merino and silk. We love the colours. We love the drape and the lacey pattern. For details on the pattern and where we got our yarn, go back and check out this post.

We're still working on our royal blue mohair/silk scarf. We're into the second ball of yarn. No picture because it looks pretty much like the last time we showed it.


We Talk Back

We got a lot of feedback last week regarding how to handle telemarketers. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your outlook) we haven't had a call since we plotted our strategy. Maybe that means it's working?

To Kate: We always go along and answer to Mr. Hubby's Last Name, too. It's easier that way. Thank you for sending the Microsoft warning. Good to know we're not just paranoid.  

To Heather: We LOVE the idea of asking those dolts which credit card to charge their call to. Genius!!!

To Tami:  You husband is our hero. That's exactly what we're going for.... a little "slow"!  (If not completely nuts!!) AND the Dolly Parton details? Perfect! We're only a little disappointed that it might take us 30 minutes of our life and STILL she won't hang up???

Looking for Advice...... We didn't have a telemarketing call per se, but we did have one of those recordings. You pick up to dead air and after saying "Hello" twice, this woman's voice starts listing the names of stores in a sing-song voice and then warns us something about our credit card. We've had this one many times and the absence of a live person to torture is limiting. You can't be rude to a recording. Well, you can but why bother? Slamming the phone down means nothing. Anybody have any ideas? Has anybody actually ever pushed "2" to talk to a live representative? We 'd love to know how that went. So far, we've never dared.


  1. I think a pirate patch is in order. A friend had that problem and that was what he did while waiting for a medical solution. Of course Grandma's would need to be "Bedazzled" with crystals to suit her personality!
    As to the prerecorded messages,if you aren't expecting a call, just give the phone to Cassie for awhile. I know we have given the phone to the dog, because I know it isn't my credit card, so it must be hers!

  2. Hey, at least there's one plus -- two of kitties is a good thing. Gotta find the silver lining. ;)


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